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Tree and Arbor Services in Port Orange, FL and Nearby Areas

Daytona Beach Tree Service is offering Tree Pruning, Trimming, Stump Removal & Arbor Maintenance. We have deep respect for your home and property and we leave it as pristine as when we got there. There is 100% Satisfaction!


An arborist specializes in the care of trees. They can identify the needs of trees and are able to provide the nessecary care that includes trimming, pruning, or removal of the trees with certain needed equipment.

Tree Inspection

Our crew of expert arborist will evaluate your trees to identify the possible dangers or problems that could potentially put your property at risk.

Moss & Fungus

Not all moss and fungus are harmful to trees, but the ones that are will grow and infect the tree weakening it. Our crew will be able to determine if your trees are infected with harmful moss or fungus.

Root Pruning

Root pruning is the process of cutting through the roots of an a tree that is planned to be dug up and transplanted in a different location.

Arbor Care

Trees are important and a beautiful aspect of the landscape and the environment. Tree maintenance will help the trees live a long healthy life.

Crown Reduction

Our crew has the ability and equipment to selectively remove branches to reduce the height or spread of a tree’s crown.

Tree and Stump Removal

Our crew has the ability and equipment to selectively remove branches to reduce the Removing a tree can be a dangerous task, our crew will safely remove a tree and stump if desired. Special equipment may be needed to remove an entire tree that our company provides.

Pruning Maintenance

Routine maintenance of pruning will help the tree stay strong and disease free.


When insects infect the trees they can damage or disease them. By using insecticide our crew can keep the trees healthy and insect free.

Tree Pruning

Pruning of trees will remove any dead or decaying branches, this will keep the trees healthy and strong against future problems.

Debris Removal

Removal services are available for any organic tree or brush debris. Our crew will professionally remove and clear all debris from your property according to regulations.


We are able to provide customers with various kinds of wood, that is split and stacked. Local delivery and pickup services are available.